Secured Website Launch

Each member of the Covenant community has a user profile within a SECURE place on the Covenant website.  This profile information will be used to compile the new 2009-10 school Directory, therefore it is imperative that the information for all parents, students, staff and faculty members be updated.  Updates may include email address, cell phone number and church affiliation.  (Please note: It is not necessary to update your student's class or grade.  Students will automatically be promoted to the next grade based on their graduation year.)

Please take a moment today to update your website profile so that the school directory will include all of your current information.

If you have questions about logging into the website and viewing your profile information, please contact Sheri Bailey.

Time to Login to the Website

In order to help prepare for the start of the 2011 - 2012 school year, it is important that each parent login to the school website and update the User Profile information for themselves and their student(s) by August 1.

Remember, the User Profile page is part of the secure portion of the Covenant website. 

It is imperative that all User Profile information be updated for the 2011-12 School Directory that will be printed later this summer.

Feel free to print off the following instructions - as it may be easier to follow with a printed copy.

Login and Complete or Update Your User Profile!
What is a User Profile, you may be asking...A user profile is a place within the SECURE Covenant website where members of the school community will complete personal information about themselves.  This information is used to create an online and printed version of the school directory.

For those new to Covenant, a User Profile has already been established for each of you (parents and students) in a very minimal way.  Currently the information retained by the system is your name, address, home phone and email address along with relationships within your family.

For those families who attended Covenant last year, your information from last year needs to be checked and updated.  Login with your previously established password.

Please help us to fully complete your profile!  This effort will not only produce an online directory but also establish communication between faculty, parents and students.  It will also allow teachers to begin to post classroom pertinent information.  Later on this summer, you will login to locate which classroom teacher or section your child has been assigned.

TO LOGIN for the First Time: For parents, login with your first initial (caps) and last name (first letter caps & no spaces) in the username box in the left column.  The temporary password is "knights".   For students, login with your first initial (caps) and last name (first letter caps & no spaces) followed by your class year. Explorers are 2024. The temporary password for all is "knights" (all lower case).

Step #1 - My Profile - What do I do next?
Once you have completed the login, just under the left column photo, the screen will display three items - My Groups, My Child's Groups and My Profile.  Please click on My Profile and it will bring up a screen similar to the picture at left. 

Each blue horizontal strip is the header for an area in which completion is necessary if it has the word Edit displayed on the right edge of the strip. 

Begin with Personal Information -  Click on the red EDIT button.

Don't forget to enter your Religion and Church Home under Affiliation.  (This must be done for each family member under their own profile - this info is not shared.)

When you are finished, please click the box at the top right on the blue horizontal bar that says "SAVE and EXIT". have completed step 1!
Step #2 - Adding Addresses
Once you have completed the Personal Information update, move just below that area to another blue strip called Address.  You should see that your home address is currently displayed.  Please make sure that it is correct.  If not, click the red EDIT to the right of the address and make the changes.  Your home address is shared with all members of your family.

Please click ADD in the blue horizontal strip and add your business address information if applicable.

As you add information, you will note that there is a red horizontal navigation that prompts you for the NEXT item.  Always click NEXT if it is offered.  Once complete, click SAVE and EXIT in the blue horizontal bar for Address.

IF YOU CHANGE ADDRESSES IN THE FUTURE - you may notify the school by simply updating your address information here!  Please keep this information up to date.  This information is used to create the printed Covenant school directory.
Step #3 - Adding Phone Numbers
You've got the hang of it now!  You should see your home telephone number below the blue strip entitled Phone.

If you need to correct the number, please click on EDIT to the right of the number and make the changes,  Complete by clicking on SAVE and EXIT.  Once again your home number is shared/linked by all members of your family and you will see connecting rings displayed above.

Please add any additional numbers that you have, such as your wireless number, business number, home and business fax.  Just click on ADD in the blue strip next to Phone.  Each time, use the drop down box to select the phone type, enter the number, and SAVE and EXIT!  These numbers will NOT be shared/linked.

Easy, we hope!  Make sure that ALL of your numbers are displayed afterwards!
Step #4 - Adding Education Information
This is the spot to add your education information.  Why would Covenant want to know this??

There are lot's of reasons - simply to tap into the parental talent of our community!  When we have visitors from various colleges and universities we may want to have a host committee of alumni.  Or...perhaps the school needs talent from parents to study a technical project.  We can only begin to imagine how this information will benefit Covenant.

Enter a sort order of 10 for the first degree. 

When you are finished, click on SAVE and EXIT in the blue horizontal bar with Education.

If you have multiple degrees, then ADD another, increase the sort order by an increment of 10 and then SAVE and EXIT.
Step #5 - Adding Business Information
Please update information regarding your employment.  On the blue strip entitled Business, click ADD.  The site will bring up information regarding your profession, industry and website, etc.  Please complete as many fields as possible - excluding the EMPLOYMENT START and END fields.  If your company matches gifts, please be sure to let us know this by clicking on the radio button for YES!  Don't forget to check the box next to Current Place of Employment.

After you are finished, click SAVE and EXIT. 
If you experience trouble logging in or have trouble understanding what to do, please email Kelley Maxwell or Lauren Helton for help!  We are available at some point each day, so don't be shy about asking for help!