Welcome to Covenant Athletics

The Covenant School’s athletic program exists to help fulfill the school’s mission and to complement the classical, Christ-centered education. Athletics plays an integral part in our school as we partner with students, parents, teachers, coaches and administrators in educating the mind, body and soul. The pursuit of excellence exceeds the focus of temporal accolades as we attempt to prepare the student for a lifetime and not just a season.

Within this framework, athletics is used as a tool to focus on discipleship and character development. 1 Corinthians 11:1, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ,” sets the tone for our programs as coaches do much more than develop athletic skill and technique. The coaches play a critical role in the lives of our students as they instill Truth through their actions and words while developing a focus of the team over the individual.

Our teams have been fortunate to win state championships in football, tennis and track and field along with receiving several individual all-district and all-state honors, but rather than making these awards our focus, we celebrate them as just a few of the by-products of our philosophy. Our true results will take time to see as our students become imitators of Christ: great spouses, loving parents, diligent employees and compassionate employers.

Athletic Teams

Covenant’s athletic program consists of 16 sixteen varsity teams that compete in TAPPS 3A. In addition, we have 14 other teams that compete at the junior varsity or junior high level. Our teams play in one of three seasons: fall, winter or spring.


Cheerleading (all three seasons): Varsity, JV

Cross Country: Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, JH Boys, JH Girls

11-Man Football: Varsity, JH

Volleyball: Varsity, JV, JH


Basketball: Varsity Boys, JV Boys, JH Boys, Varsity Girls, JH Girls

Soccer: Varsity Boys, JH Boys, Varsity Girls, JH Girls


Baseball: Varsity, JH

Golf: Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls

Tennis: Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls

Track and Field: Varsity Boys, JH Boys, Varsity Girls, JH Girls