Campus Enhancements

Rendering of the Academic Building

The Covenant School has been extremely blessed over the last twenty years, with moving to our own campus in 2008 to the construction of our first permanent Academic Building, Covenant has seen God's immense favor and blessing.

The New Academic Building

The Academic Building houses our Rhetoric School (grades 9-12). With 14 classrooms, science labs, Administration offices, and a unique third floor drama space, the Academic Building answered many needs of our growing community.

New Decks

We have recently installed new decks on our entire campus. The long-lasting, weatherproof decks will be used by everyone on campus and are a valuable improvement.


At the start of the 2014-15 school year, our new playground was completed to welcome eager climbers and the imagination of our Grammar School students.

The Carson Leslie Center

The Carson Leslie Center (CLC) is dedicated to the memory of Covenant student and athlete Carson Leslie who passed away January 12, 2010.  Before his passing, Carson was very involved in the conceptual design of the Carson Leslie Center.  His desire was that the structure should not simply be a gymnasium. True to Carson’s wishes, the building is a focal point of our school community and was the first permanent structure on the Covenant campus.  As Carson envisioned it, the Carson Leslie Center has been an amazing multiple-purpose venue for athletic and community-wide events.