Beginning with the first graduating class of 2000, The Covenant School is honored to have 245 graduates to date. Based on current enrollment, The Covenant Alumni Association will more than double over the course of the next several years!

While 100% of graduates are college bound, Covenant seeks to be much more than college preparatory. Covenant desires to prepare our graduates for life. With that in mind The Covenant Alumni Association sees itself as an ongoing part of Covenant’s Mission Statement: “To glorify God by equipping students with the tools necessary to pursue a lifetime of learning so that they may discern, reason, and defend truth in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ.”  From medical school and marriage to local law enforcement and serving at the White House, Covenant graduates continue to represent Covenant’s highest values and ideals.

The Covenant Alumni Association seeks to provide new channels of communication for our growing number of graduates living across the nation and world.