Kindergarten at Covenant

Explorers Field Trip to the Dallas Arboretum

What is Explorers?
Explorers is the Kindergarten program at Covenant.

What makes the program unique?
An Explorer is exposed to the rich diversity of The Covenant School’s integrated first through twelfth grade curriculum. They begin learning that history is linear through the use of timelines and songs that take them from creation to the pilgrims. Teachers read classic stories and fairy tales in the fullness of their rich language.  The students begin doing picture studies and nature studies. They learn the basic phonograms of English as well as Spanish vocabulary and songs. Each morning begins with Bible stories and scripture memory. The emphasis of the program is on the richness of the curriculum and the wonder of God and His creation.

How do we know if our child is ready for Explorers?
Some helpful questions to ask are: Are they able to play with friends? Can they identify the alphabet? Can they write their name? Can they sit and listen as a story is read? Do they express a desire to go to school?