The Rhetoric School

As the final stage in the Classical Trivium, rhetoric is the written and verbal art of communication that incorporates both grammar and logic.  In ancient times, as well as today, sophists turn rhetoric into a mistress; they use their rhetorical skills to manipulate others.  The right purpose of rhetoric, however, is to head the soul to truth.  In the words of Quintilian, rhetoric is “a good man speaking well.”  In the Rhetoric School students don’t take courses to merely regurgitate data: they take courses to discover who they are in Jesus Christ.  Students are challenged to contemplate great books and art, to express difficult mathematical and scientific concepts, and to wrestle with truths about human nature and virtue.  All that is done has one end in mind: to pursue what it means to be an authentic human being.

To that end we have adopted a core curriculum to equip students with a general knowledge in all major disciplines; English, history, mathematics, science, Latin, theology, and fine arts, so that they may grasp how western cultural institutions and assumptions are derived.  The reading is demanding, and we ask and encourage our students to engage texts that have the potential to be a presence for a lifetime. It is through their encounter with these great works that our students learn to dialogue, to discern and to empathize.

In addition to academics, we offer athletic, dramatic and other co-curricular opportunities to provide students with programs outside the classroom to grapple with the truth of their humanity.  Our students work closely with called educators who are well versed in their field of study and are naturally curious. Teachers spend time outside the class tutoring students, serving as Advisors, and sponsoring clubs and honor societies.  Through meaningful dialogue Rhetoric teachers strive to bring about both spiritual and intellectual transformation in the hopes that all students will lead lives that impact the world for Jesus Christ.




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