The Logic School

The Logic School is Covenant’s middle school serving grades 5-8.  As the second stage of the Trivium, the Logic School builds upon the foundation of knowledge laid in Grammar School.  In this exciting time of growth, students are brought along from Grammar School and taught to harness their innate love of truth and desire for independence, learning to ask and answer the right kinds of questions as they deepen their understanding. 

Challenging authority, prevailing opinion, and even themselves, Logic students are often unsatisfied with the status quo.  Though natural, their arguments are not always rational.  Across subjects teachers aim to guide this impulse towards a better end, teaching students to argue well.  Lively classroom discussions thrive on the meaning of terms and the veracity of claims.  Exercising reason and imagination, students sharpen their sensitivity to invalid arguments and learn to build valid ones.  More importantly, they begin to understand that truth is not acquired passively.        

Of course, Logic School students are more than just minds.  More than intellectual, their maturation is deeply emotional, spiritual and physical.  Logic School teachers are life-time learners deeply committed to their subjects as well as mentors uniquely called and deeply committed to the educating children in 5-8th grades.  Logic teachers seek to understand the spiritual, social, and academic struggles their students face while creating a nurturing, safe, and supportive environment where students can thrive through some of the most difficult and rewarding years of their lives. 

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