The Grammar School

At Covenant we call our kindergarten students Explorers. This is a fitting name for our youngest students as they are immersed in a world of letters and numbers, fairy tales and history, God’s creation and God’s Word. The atmosphere of wonder, excitement, and adventure that begins in Explorers sets the tone for our Grammar School.

This first stage of the trivium focuses on the fundamental element, or “grammar”, of each subject area in order to build a framework for all future knowledge. Walking by a classroom, you may hear students chanting parts of speech, reciting Scripture, or retelling historical events. You may see students presenting projects, working in groups to create a simple machine, or rolling dice to practice math facts. Grammar School years are filled with exploration and joy.

Influenced by the philosophy and methodology of British educator, Charlotte Mason (1842-1923), we strive to create an environment that is pleasing and respectful as we actively instruct students in the formation of good habits. Ms. Mason believed that it is our duty as educators to present students with a feast of living ideas expressed in great works of art and music, literature and history, science and nature. Our high calling is to foster a delight in knowing, a desire for truth, and a love of beauty, as we point each student to the Source of all that is good, true, and beautiful. 

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