College Advising

The college admissions process can be daunting to say the least.  Students find themselves faced with many options after high school. Having as much knowledge on the front end can greatly help students – and parents! - navigate through the process in a much less stressful and exhausting manner.  At Covenant the college admissions process aims to create a personalized program for students to explore all these options and make the decision that is best suited for them.

As students go through the college preparation process, they may find themselves becoming obsessively drawn to one school, like Bugs Bunny honing in on the carrot of his dreams.  Our goal is to encourage students to keep an open mind (and throw away anything that “ranks” a college or university).  A great school for Mary is not necessarily a great school for Jane.  While some students are ready to go right into college following high school graduation, the so-called GAP year is gaining in popularity and many students are seeing the great benefits that can be gained personally, spiritually, and financially by choosing this route.  Some of the greatest inventors, world leaders, business entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, etc. have taken untraditional routes to their success.

A student who knows his academic and personal strengths and weaknesses can really be at an advantage when choosing the next best step after high school.  At Covenant, we work with Rhetoric students to help them investigate with open minds and prayer as they seek peace in whatever decision is best for them personally!