The curriculum of Covenant is designed to accomplish the school's mission "to glorify God by equipping students with the tools necessary to pursue a lifetime of learning so that they may discern, reason, and defend truth in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ." In addition to the curriculum, great emphasis is placed upon the quality of the materials used in the classroom and the high expectations placed upon the students.

The curriculum is also designed to equip the whole person for service to God. This is achieved by teaching from a Christ-centered worldview; by providing instruction in the Christian faith; by following the classical model to develop learning, thinking, and rhetorical skills; and by reflecting upon truth, goodness, and beauty.

The "core" curriculum for each grade includes language arts, mathematics, history, natural science, foreign language, and Bible study. These core subjects are complemented by additional courses including art, music, drama, nature, logic, rhetoric, and numerous electives in grades 7-12. Beginning in the third grade, students are required to participate in physical education and/or extracurricular athletics. In addition, students in grades K-6 take monthly field trips to complement the classroom experience.

The curriculum matures students as they progress through each grade. Academic goals are achieved by following the sequence of the curriculum as the work at each grade level presupposes and builds upon that of the previous grade. Courses are essentially taught at an "honors" level with the opportunity to take Advanced Placement courses in the Rhetoric School. Class sizes, depending on the grade and course, are limited to between 10 and 15 students. While the curriculum challenges above-average learners, teachers and administrators work closely with students and their parents to ensure that average learners benefit fully from the curriculum as well. This results in a challenging, but also encouraging and supportive learning environment that has proven to be very successful for students.