The Covenant Board

Per Covenant’s bylaws, the government of the school, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, is vested in our Board of Trustees and carried out by the duly appointed administration and faculty.

Trustees must be Godly men and women who are in full agreement with the Statement of Beliefs and be parents of children currently or previously enrolled in the school.

The fundamental purpose of the board is to act as a legislative body in formulating policy for the conduct of the school. It is recognized that God is the final authority, and the primary function of the board is to seek the will of God and to serve as His instrument as the final earthly authority in all matters pertaining to the school. The responsibilities of the board are:

The establishment of policy and the governance under such policies
The hiring and, as needed, replacement of the head of school
The purchase, sale or use of school property
The size of the school and class population
The approval of the budget
The establishment, as needed, of additional entities controlled by or associated with Covenant
The oversight of the school finances
The active promotion and support of the school in the community and financially

The board seeks to carry out the majority of its work through committees. The purpose of these committees is to provide Godly wisdom to the board and the head of school. Board committees are comprised of at least one trustee, who serves as the committee chairman, and other individuals who are selected by the committee chairman and board chairman.