Why Covenant?

Why Covenant? from The Covenant School on Vimeo.

School Verse

Established in 1993, Covenant is more than a classical, Christ-centered, K-12 institution. It is a dynamic, mission-minded educational community of dedicated faculty and like-minded families committed to teaching and training qualified students with an academically rich and rigorous curriculum unapologetically grounded in the great ideas, artists, and books of Western Civilization.  The school’s mission is everything. 

Covenant exists to glorify God
by equipping students with the tools necessary
to pursue a lifetime of learning
so that they may discern, reason and defend truth

in service to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

To be sure, Covenant provides a comprehensive K-12 educational experience for the whole child. But what is this school really like? What sets it apart? Covenant is:

Comprehensive. With an integrated K-12 curriculum, Covenant has award winning programs in academics, the arts and athletics.

Proven. 100% college-bound, Covenant graduates attend schools such as Davidson, West Point, Vanderbilt, University of  Virginia, as well as Texas A&M, Baylor, The University of Texas and Southern Methodist University.

Inspired. Masters in their disciplines, Covenant teachers partner with parents to mentor students in and out of the classroom.

Relational. Covenant is an active community of like-minded families that pray for, encourage, and support each other.

Covenantal. With a rigorous academic program, Covenant is committed to educating the children of families together.

Diverse. Covenant students represent a wide spectrum of cultures and livelihoods.

Independent. Free from church or denominational affiliation, Covenant attracts Christians from many traditions.

Winsome. While ordered, Covenant's culture is not rigid. Faculty and staff promote an environment of grace and joy.

Visionary. Covenant continues to build out its K-12 campus in the heart of North Dallas seeking to advance its educational mission with top notch facilities and faculty.